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Botanical Name: Rhapis excelsa
Common Name: Raphis palm, Ladies finger

Raphis palm is a most durable plant and one of the most easiest plants to grow. Its rich, dark green foliage and full lush growth habit make it a plant with special value. It is a most decorative clustering palm with a unique character.
Classification & Uses: Indoor potted, Outdoor shrub, Palm


Botanical Name: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens
Common Name: Areca palm, Golden feather palm, Yellow cane palm, Butterfly palm

Areca palm is a very popular indoor plant. It is a plant that adapts very easily to the surrounding atmosphere. It is because of this that the plan can be grown in the garden as well. It is tropical-looking; serves as a super, bamboo-like screening plant and is relatively pest-free.
Classification & Uses: Indoor potted plant, Palm


Botanical Name: Livistona rotundifolia
Common Name: Table palm, Footstool palm, Fan palm

Table palm is a very attractive plant, especially when young, due to its large, round, shiny, shallowly divided leaves. It can adapt itself better than many other plants to the indoor conditions of our homes and buildings. It can also tolerate some amount of neglect. The leaves of the plant look like a fan and hence the name fan palm.
Classification & Uses: Indoor Potted plant, Palm


Botanical Name: Cycas revoluta
Common Name: Sago palm, Japanese sago palm, Funeral palm

Cycas revoluta is one of the easiest plants to grow, indoors or out. It is one of the most primitive living seed plants, are very unusual and popular ornamentals. This is the most popular and widely cultivated of the cycads. It makes an excellent landscape plant, as well being very well suited to pot culture, and even bonsai.
Classification & Uses: Potted plant, accent plant