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Botanical Name: Euphorbia milli
Common Name: Crown of thorns, Christ plant

Euphorbia milli is a drought tolerant, versatile houseplant or potted plant for the patio. A great houseplant that will bloom more or less continuously all year. It is considered to be lucky plants by the Thais in Bangkok, Thailand.
Classification & Uses: Cactii & Succulents


Botanical Name: Cryptanthus spp.
Common Name: Earth Stars, Starfish Plant

The genus Cryptanthus consists of about 50 terrestrial species commonly called earth stars because of their shape. The variability of shapes, colours, and patterns, plus their adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions, make Cryptanthus a favorite of plant lovers around the world. Cryptanthus make wonderful accent plants in well-lit bathrooms or above the kitchen sink where the humidity is generally high. Cryptanthus are grown for their bright and colorful leaves rather than for their flowers.
Classification & Uses: attractive foliage in pots, accent plants


Botanical Name: Adenium obesum
Common Name: Desert Rose

The Adenium or "Desert Rose" is an extraordinary tropical plant. The 'obesum' name refers to the large fat base of the plant. The plant looks like a Bonsai, though it is not one. It is almost impossible to stay indifferent in front of this plant. It is excellent in pots especially for people who 'kill everything' as the Adenium obesum lives with little care and can take neglect.
Classification & Uses: Potted plant, Bonsai


Botanical Name: Ananas bracteatus `Striatus'
Common Name: Ornamental pineapple, Variegated pine apple.

Pineapple is one of the world's most unique and exotic tropical fruits. The variegated red pineapple is a terrestrial bromeliad. Although the fruit is not as well developed as the commercial pineapple (A. comosus), it is edible. It also makes and exotic house plant because of its colour.
Classification & Uses: Potted plant, Patio plant, Accent plant


Botanical Name: Echeveria sps.
Common Name: Hen and Chicks

Echeveria is a highly succulent hybrid. The plant is very attractive in winter when the leaves are suffused with a red flush. Echeveria makes a rewarding addition to your garden, without the constant work of pruning, spraying, daily watering, dead-heading, or staking-up in windy locations. The plant looks great whether they in bloom or not. The rosette of thick leaves is in itself an intricate beauty.
Classification & Uses: Succulent