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Botanical Name: Brassaia actinophylla
Common Name: Octopus Tree, Umbrella Tree

Brassaia is the most popular and durable of all house plants. Brassaia will easily adapt to the dry air of heated or air-conditioned interiors. It tolerates neglect and dryness as long as it's not over watered.
Classification & Uses: Indoor potted plant, tree


Botanical Name: Spatyphyllum
Common Name: Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum is a great indoor plant. It is one of the few plants which flowers indoors. It gives tropical feel in an interiorscape. It produces showy white flowers above dark green foliage. This has allowed spathiphyllum to be used as both a flowering and foliage plant.
Classification & Uses: Ground Cover, Indoor potted plant


Botanical Name: Clusia rosea
Common Name: Pitch apple, Autograph tree

Clusia is a dense, neat looking tree that is very salt, wind, and drought tolerant. It is also called the autograph tree because messages can be inscribed on the leaves. It is a very hardy plant to be used indoors. It is a compact evergreen plant that has attractive pink and white flowers and unique shaped fruit that is sometimes used in flower arrangements.
Classification & Uses: Indoor potted plant, Tree


Botanical Name: Cordyline terminalis
The colorful Cordyline plant is perfect for creating a tropical landscape effect, with its smooth, flexible leaves ranging in color from variegated light greens and pinks to very dark reds. This plant has intense leaf color, pink to red fluorescent. Ti plant is very popular for its intense leaf color and leaf shape. It grows well as a house plant in a sunny location.
Classification & Uses: Indoor potted plant, Accent plant


Botanical Name: Aspidistra elatior
Common Name: Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra is an ideal plant for that cooler area of your house to bring the tropics indoors. It is called 'Cast Iron Plant' for its ability to last forever in the most adverse conditions. Aspidistra is often seen as a porch or patio plant. The plant is moderately salt tolerant.
Classification & Uses: Borders, porch plant, ground cover


Found 22 items, showing 11 to 15.    Previous 5 Matches   Next 5 Matches