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Botanical Name: Syngonium spp.
Common Name: Syngonium

Syngonium is an easy care plant & is a good climber if given support. This is an attractive plant which does very well indoors. It can also be planted in a hanging basket. This is one of the plants which has been identified by NASA that helps clean the surrounding atmosphere.
Classification & Uses: Ground Cover, Indoor plant, Hanging basket, Shady location plant


Botanical Name: Crassula argentia
Common Name: Jade

The Jade plant is a cool succulent-type of plant. It's leaves are thick and can adapt quickly to new environments It is a very easy plant to grow. The plant us used to make a bonsai as well.
Classification & Uses: Ground cover, Succulent


Botanical Name: Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers'
Common Name: Foxtail fern, Asparagus fox tail

Asparagus Myeri looks somewhat like a cluster of fox tail and hence the name fox tail fern or Asparagus fox tail but it does not look very much like a fern either. It has a strong central stem with dark green, dense needle-like foliage. It is an evergreen perennial with 2-6'-long, arching, light green stems that look like feathery leaves. The stems are like bottle brushes, 2-3" in diameter, and tapering gradually to the tips.
Classification & Uses: Ground Cover, Potted plant, Outdoor plant, Hanging basket


Botanical Name: Asparagus densiflorus `Sprengeri'
Common Name: Sprengeri Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Sprengeri is an extremely versatile perennial, evergreen plant that can be used as a groundcover or container plant in full sun or light shade. It is an ideal plant to be used in hanging baskets. The plant has arching graceful stems have slender fronds with bright green needle like foliage. Although commonly called asparagus fern, this plant is actually a woody stemmed plant that produces long vine-like branches.
Classification & Uses: Ground Cover, Outdoor potted plant, Hanging basket


Botanical Name: Wedelia trilobata
Common Name: Wedelia, Yellow dots

Wedelia is a very attractive plant because of its nearly constant and prolific blooming. It is fairly salt resistant and grows well at the seashore. Wedelia is a soil creeper and forms a thick carpet. It is especially good for soil retention and erosion control. The plant can also be used in hanging baskets. It may be bestused as a container plant where it will cascade over the side forming a weeping mound of yellow flowers.
Classification & Uses: Ground cover, Hanging basket, Potted plant, Creeper


Found 23 items, showing 1 to 5.    Next 5 Matches