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Botanical Name: Setcreasea pallida
Common Name: Purple Heart, Setcreasea, Wandering jew

This plants is grown for its striking purple foliage. It can be used as a hanging basket plant. It also cascades nicely over retaining walls and does well in a hanging basket. This sprawling evergreen groundcover produces deep purple foliage and stems when grown in full sun . It is a great plant for low maintenance areas. Setcreasea is attractive growing either singly in a 3-4 inch pot or grouped together in a larger pot.
Classification & Uses: Ground cover, Hanging basket, Potted plant


Botanical Name: Cuphea hyssopifolia
Common Name: Cuphea

Cuphea is a small tropical evergreen sub-shrub with many charming attributes including compact form and fine textured foliage. It produces quaint, small, trumpet-shaped flowers with six spreading lavender petals and green calyx tubes. It is an excellent container plant for decks, patios or porches and even hanging baskets. The plantís compact size and evergreen nature make it a perfect permanent addition to small spaces. It blends nicely with other plants in container gardens and rarely requires special attention.
Classification & Uses: Flowering borders, Ground cover or edgings along walkways or paths, Container plant for decks, patios or porches. Hanging baskets, Houseplant.


Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum
Common Name: Spider plant, Green lily

The Spider plant makes an impressive display when grown in a hanging basket. Small star shaped flowers appear or rosettes of leaves giving the plant the appearance of spiders dangling from strings. It is a popular indoor plant. Chlorophytums are very ornamental, especially with several plantlets are planted in a single hanging basket. When fully grown, they make an impressive display.
Classification & Uses: Ground cover, Hanging basket, Patio potted plant, Table top, Indoor potted plant


Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei
Common Name: Aluminum Plant, Friendship plant

These plants are wonderful additions to the house plant collection, largely because of their unusualfoliage colours and textural qualities. They provide interest and contrast well with other green plants. Another plant which is pretty and easy to take care of. The Aluminium Plant can be grown in shallow pots at home.
Classification & Uses: Ground Cover, Window sill, Indoor potted plant, Terraniums


Botanical Name: Ophiopogon jaburan 'var'
Common Name: Variegated Ribbon Grass

Variegated ribbon grass is grown mainly for its dense tufts of grass-like leaves with prominent white margins. Ophiopogon jaburan is a grass-like foliage, spreading plant that grows about a foot high. It is an evergreen perennial.
Classification & Uses: Ground cover, Indoor potted plant, Edges


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