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Plant Care Guide >> Ground Covers >> Asparagus densiflorus `Sprengeri'
Asparagus Sprengeri is an extremely versatile perennial, evergreen plant that can be used as a groundcover or container plant in full sun or light shade. It is an ideal plant to be used in hanging baskets. The plant has arching graceful stems have slender fronds with bright green needle like foliage. Although commonly called asparagus fern, this plant is actually a woody stemmed plant that produces long vine-like branches.
Common name:

Sprengeri Asparagus Fern

Botanical Name:

Asparagus densiflorus `Sprengeri'




The plant has delicate needlelike leaves, ferny; tiny thorns present despite soft appearance of plant; foliage is bright green or yellow green.


It has small white flowers generally inconspicuous which later develop into red berries.


The plant requires a minimum 4 hrs. of direct sunlight or bright indirect light. It could be location within 4 to 8 feet from windows or in average well-lighted areas.


It prefers day temperature of 15-21C and night temperatures of 12-18C.


Humidity levels should be kept as high as possible.


Water sufficiently to keep the pot mixture moist. Do not allow the pot to stand in water. Watering is done usually when the plant feels dry to the touch. Plants that are over watered or under watered usually start to develop yellow leaves at the base and begin to shed leaves, both yellow and green.

Pest and Problems:

Except for mites, pests are not a major concern.

Growth habit:

It has drooping stems, some as long as 3 ft. The stems are lightly covered with to 1 inch long needlelike branchlets, which usually grow in groups of three at a node.


Asparagus should be fed sparingly. Use an all purpose fertilizer every two to three weeks during the spring and early summer. Use less than the recommended strength on the package.


Prune to shape if needed.


Propagation is done by dividing overcrowded clumps. It could also be grown from seeds but it is slow.

Special Care:

It is a sensitive plant and drops needles very fast if over watered or if placed in inadequate light.

Landscaping Use:

It is generally used as a ground cover. The distance of planting should be 1ft. cc. It is also grown for its foliage to be used in floral arrangements.

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