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Plant Care Guide >> Trees >> Cordia sebestena
Cordia sebestena is a moderate-growing orange flowering tree with a dense rounded evergreen canopy. Flowers appear throughout year with small edible white pear-shaped fruit. It has evergreen heart shaped leaves. It is also a salt tolerant plant.
Common name:

Cordia, Geiger tree, Orange Geiger, Scarlet cordia

Botanical Name:

Cordia sebestena




The large, seven-inch-long, stiff, dark green leaves are rough and hairy, feeling much like sandpaper.


The very showy tubular orange flowers are up to 1 inches in diameter (4 cm). It produces tight clusters of bright orange-red flowers through most of the year.


The plant needs to be grown in full sun.


It grows well in places where soil is a problem.


The plant is drought tolerant.


The roots are very susceptible to rot; therefore watering should be done only when needed.

Pest and Problems:

It is a pest free plant except for occasional attacks from scales.

Growth habit:

It is a rapid growing plant which can reach up to heights of 15-20 feet.


Do not fertilize until 6 months after planting.


The plant needs pruning to develop a strong structure. However you need to wait for a year, after planting, before pruning.


Propagation is done from seeds and layering.

Special Care:

No special care is require for the plant.

Landscaping Use:

Because of its beautiful flowers, the plant is generally grown as a specimen tree.

Medicinal Use:

Syrup of the bark, flowers, or fruit is taken for coughs and bronchial ailments. Teas made from the flowers are used to treat venereal disease. The tree's sap is applied to wounds. Leaves washed in warm water or dressed with oil are used as poultices for headaches and sprains. Unripe fruit are emetic.

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