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Plant Care Guide >> Cactii & Succulents >> Echeveria
Echeveria is a highly succulent hybrid. The plant is very attractive in winter when the leaves are suffused with a red flush. Echeveria makes a rewarding addition to your garden, without the constant work of pruning, spraying, daily watering, dead-heading, or staking-up in windy locations. The plant looks great whether they in bloom or not. The rosette of thick leaves is in itself an intricate beauty.
Common name:

Hen and Chicks

Botanical Name:

Echeveria sps.




The smooth leaves are clustered in rosettes and, to a degree, resemble the houseleeks (hen and chickens).


The inflorescence is up to 30 cm tall, bearing pinkish red and yellow 1 cm flowers.


The plant requires bright direct sunlight.


During the growing period, normal room temperature is suitable.


Needs good drainage. Use equal parts of soil, leaf mold, sand and crushed charcoal.


The plant is fairly drought tolerant.


Allow the soil to dry between waterings. Do not allow the water to collect on the rosette.

Pest and Problems:

Leaf and stem rots when water stands in the rosette. It could be attacked by mealy bugs.

Growth habit:

The mature rosettes grow up to 20 cm and eventually form many offsets.


Fertilize once a year by diluting to half the minimum strength recommended on the label of a standard house plant fertilizer.


The plant does not require any pruning.


Propagation is done by leaves cuttings or offsets.

Landscaping Utility:

The plant can be used in rockeries.


Ideal for pots and patios.

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