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Plant Care Guide >> Cactii & Succulents >> Euphorbia milli
Euphorbia milli is a drought tolerant, versatile houseplant or potted plant for the patio. A great houseplant that will bloom more or less continuously all year. It is considered to be lucky plants by the people in Thailand.
Common name:

Crown of thorns, Christ plant

Botanical Name:

Euphorbia milli




It has dull colored leaves which tend to fall easily if disturbed or if it is too dry.


Produces flowers all the year round. The flowers are tiny, but each is surrounded by a pair of kidney-shaped, bright red or yellow bracts, which look like petals.


Requires maximum amount of light. The brighter and more constant the sunlight, the longer its flowering season will be.


Can tolerate temperatures up to a minimum of 60F.


Requires low humidity.


Don't over water. Keep soil on drier side. Protect from excessive rainfall or sprinkler water. Allow the soil to dry before watering.

Pest and Problems:

The plant is totally pest free.

If your plant drops its leaves and flowers, leaving just the thorny stem, then it is telling you it needs watering more frequently.

Growth habit:

It is a dense shrub which grown up to 3' tall. It has inch thick dark brown stem armed on all sides and at frequent intervals with sharp spines of varying lengths.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks from late spring to early fall.


Some pruning may be required to keep the plant to the required growing height.


Tip cuttings

Landscaping Use:

The plant makes an excellent, impenetrable hedge. The distance of planting should be 1.5' cc.

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