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Plant Care Guide >> Creepers & Climbers >> Ficus pumila
Ficus pumila is a plant that can attach itself to the wall. It is an aggressive and beautiful vine. It can climb vertical surfaces 3 and 4 stories tall with the help of a powerful adhesive. The plant is also salt resistant. It is also well-suited for use intopiaries or hanging baskets.
Common name:

Creeping fig, Ivy, Ficus repens

Botanical Name:

Ficus pumila




The leaves are simple, heart-shaped, small when young. These later change to larger, 2-4in long, oblong and leathery form when mature.


The flowers of the plant is very insignificant and rarely seen.


The plant prefers partial shade to light shade. It can also tolerate full sun.


Average house temperature is suitable for this vine.


It prefers well-drained, organically rich soil.


Ivy requires high humidity.


The soil must never be allowed to dry as the leaves will shrivel and fall off.

Pest and Problems:

The plant is susceptible to attack by spider mites, mealy bugs, scales and root mealy bugs. The plant is prone to attack from aphids. Avoid wetting the leaves; they attract mealybugs.

Growth habit:

The plant can grow more than 50 ft. It develops a woody structure in the adult state; the vine climbs by aerial rootlets and can cement itself to porous materials.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer.


Cut back after planting to encourage new growth. Cut back drastically every few years to keep the plant under control.


Propagation is done from cuttings of the plant and from seeds.

Special Care:

It is a plant that requires very little maintenance. However it could be considered a high maintenance plant when grown on structures as pruning will be required several times a year to remove growth from windows, roofs, etc.

Landscaping Utility:

It is a great plant if you are looking for something to cover your wall. It also makes a low, dense ground cover only one or two inches high.


Topiary, cover ugly looking wall, vine

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