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Plant Care Guide >> Annuals & Perennials >> Impatiens wallerania
Few annuals that grow in shade provide the range and intensity of color of impatiens. Impatiens is an easy annual to grow. Impatiens are suitable for planters sitting on the deck or patio or in hanging baskets or window boxes. The plant is also called touch-me-not were given because the slightest touch will cause the ripe, full seed pods to burst open and impatiently scatter their seeds into the wind.
Common name:

Impatiens, balsam, touch me not

Botanical Name:

Impatiens wallerania




Impatiens foliage is typically smooth and medium green. However, some types have variegated green and white leaves. Leaves are shaped like fat tear drops, tapering to a point at the ends. Their edges are gently toothed.


The wide range of flower colors includes red, orange, salmon, rose, pink, white, violet, and lavender blue.


The plant likes filtered sunlight. It should never be subjected to direct sunlight. It grows best where they will receive morning sun and afternoon shade.


Grows best in temperatures of between 12-23C.


The plant requires relative humidity of about 75%.


Water moderately allowing the top half-inch of soil to dry out between waterings. However, never let the soil to dry out completely.

Pest and Problems:

Generally impatiens are trouble-free in the home landscape. Spider mites, thrips, mealybugs and aphids may infest the plant.

Growth habit:

It is a fast growing plant. It grows to about 8 inches to 2 feet tall.


Impatiens respond well to fertilizing. Applying a water soluble fertilizer when you water encourages foliage and flower development. You can apply fertilizer every six to eight weeks.


Impatiens are an easy-care annual that develop a beautiful shape without pinching or pruning and do not require flower removal to be covered with fresh blooms.


The plant is grown from seeds.

Special Care:

Impatiens thrive in filtered or partial shade and must have protection from hot afternoon sun to maintain their colors. The soft, fleshy stems wilt quickly when in need of water.

Landscaping Use:

Impatiens are used for edging shady beds, mass planting under trees, window boxes and hanging baskets.

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