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Plant Care Guide >> Outdoor Shrubs >> Ixora 'Duffi' Red
Ixoras are evergreen shrubs that produce many small, bright flowers in large heads throughout the warm season. Its compact habit, evergreen foliage, and abundance of bright red  blooms make it a favorite for hedge and foundation plantings as well as a potted plant.
Common name: Ixora
Botanical Name: Ixora 'Duffi' Red
Family: Rubiaceae

It is an evergreen foliage plant with a cluster of flowers.


Available in many colours, red, white pink, yellow. It blooms profusely during the summer and scantily rest of the year.


Ixora does best in direct sunlight.  A minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight is essential for the plant.


All the surface of the soil to become slightly dry in between waterings.

Pest and Problems:

This plant is subject to nematodes and should be mulched heavily. It is also attacked by aphids, mites, and scale, which cause sooty mold.


Remove the blooms when it is past their peak time.  Removing one or two leaves below the blossom will promote branching and increase blooming. Remove the unwanted branches for the light to reach the inner part of the plant.


Ixora are acid lovers. Feed monthly with a good quality water soluble fertilizer formulated for acid loving plants.


Propagation is done from stem cuttings.

Landscaping Use:

The plant can be used for creating a hedge. It can also be used as a shrub.

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