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Plant Care Guide >> Cactii & Succulents >> Crassula argentia
The Jade plant is a cool succulent-type of plant. It's leaves are thick and can adapt quickly to new environments It is a very easy plant to grow. The plant us used to make a bonsai as well.
Common name:


Botanical Name:

Crassula argentia




Jade has shiny green, fleshy leaves and are round or lance shaped.


Old or potbound plants occasionally bear small, fragrant white flowers during the winter.


Grows best in direct sunlight but will tolerate lower light intensity.


The plant prefers temperatures between 21-23C. during the day and between 18-21C during the night.


The plant requires relative humidity of 30% and above.


Drench soil thoroughly, then allow it to become moderately dry before watering again. Too less watering could lead to leaf drop and excess watering could lead to root rot.

Pest and Problems:

Jade is known to be attacked by mealybugs. This can be taken care by washing the plant with soapy water or wipe off with alcohol using cotton swab.

Growth habit:

The average height for this plant in the home is 2 feet.


Fertilizing should be done every 3-4 months with a balanced plant food like 20-20-20 as long as the plant is not dormant.


New growth should be continually pinched out to encourage stronger lower growth and to reduce leaf-size. Jades readily make new growth from wounds.


Propagation is done through leaf and stem cuttings.

Special Care:

The plant does not require any special care. In fact it is a very good plant for bonsai beginners as it tolerates a wide range of conditions.

Landscaping Use:

Can be used as ground covers.

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