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Plant Care Guide >> Ground Covers >> Ophiopogon jaburan 'var'
Variegated ribbon grass is grown mainly for its dense tufts of grass-like leaves with prominent white margins. Ophiopogon jaburan is a grass-like foliage, spreading plant that grows about a foot high. It is an evergreen perennial.
Common name:

Variegated ribbon grass

Botanical Name:

Ophiopogon jaburan 'var'




The tufted leathery, dark green leaves rise directly from the rootstock and are up to 2 feet long but only inch long. The evergreen, slender leaves are shiny dark green. The evergreen, slender leaves are shiny dark green.


Small white or pale lavender flower spikes in mid summer.


Prefers full shade to partial shade or partial sun.


The plant prefers average warmth.


Use a combination of one-third coarse sand to two-thirds of soil-based growing medium.


The plant prefers high humidity.


Water enough to make the entire potting mixture moist. Allow the top inch of the soil to dry before watering again. Reduce watering during the winter.

Pest and Problems:

No serious pests are normally seen on the plant.

Growth habit:

It is a fast growing plant which grows to about 2 feet tall.


Apply a well balanced liquid fertilizer monthly.


The older leave which tend to turn brown must be removed.


Propagation is done by dividing the clumps. Do not feed the new plant for the first three or four months.

Special Care:

It is a care free plant, thereby making it a great choice for low maintenance plantings.

Landscaping Utility:

It is an excellent plant for mass planting in shady locations. The distance of planting should be 6 inches c/c. It can be used in edges as well.


Ground cover, patio plant

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