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Plant Care Guide >> Annuals & Perennials >> Catharanthus roseus
Periwinkle is a great plant for porch planters and window boxes. It produces attractive bushy foliage that is covered by an profuse bloom of phlox-like flowers. Although people treat this plant as an annual, it is actually a tropical perennial.
Common name:

Periwinkle, Vinca, Sadaa bahaar

Botanical Name:

Catharanthus roseus




Periwinkle has opposite glossy leaves about 2-3" long, borne on fairly rigid stems.


The plant flowers throughout the year. The five-petaled flowers are typically rose pink, but there are many cultivars with pink, red, purple and white flowers.


The plant does best in full sun to partial shade.


The plant tolerates heat, and flowers in the hottest weather.


It does best in poor, well-drained soils. Flowering will suffer if soil is too fertile.


The plant prefers high humidity. It is best to spray the plant.


Care should be taken not to over water the plant.

Pest and Problems:

It occasionally suffers from leaf blights.

Growth habit:

It is a moderate growing plant growing to 1 or 2 feet high.


Once flowering has begun, apply standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks.


Pinch back early in the season to encourage branching and a fuller plant.


Propagation is usually grown from seeds. It can also be grown from stem cuttings.

Special Care:

The plant is very sensitive to over watering, excessive fertilizer, cool growing conditions, and low light intensity.

Landscaping Utility:

It is grown in borders and beds, as an edging plant and as a ground cover. It's a great groundcover owing to its very glossy leaves and long period of bloom. The distance of planting should be 1ft. cc.


Bed plantation, potted plant, patio tubs

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