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Plant Care Guide >> Annuals & Perennials >> Petunia grandiflora
Petunia is a winter annual. It has bright blend of flowers with blooms all winter long. They are the most profuse flowering of any annual. Few other annuals produce so many of such large flowers. It makes a good hanging basket plant as well. These durable annuals, available in almost every color imaginable, can be used in a variety of ways to enhance any garden or terrace or balcony.
Common name:


Botanical Name:

Petunia hybrida




The plant is grown for its flowers. The foliage is not as attractive.


It is a winter flowering plant. Given the climate of India, it flowers from November to March. It has a huge range of colours.


It needs to be planted in the sun.


Grow on at about 15C until well established, then reduce the temperature 10C to develop a well-branched plant. Try to keep temperatures below 15C as high temperatures encourage leggy growth.


The plant dislikes high humidity.


Water regularly for the plant to establish, and thereafter wait until the soil dries out before watering. Over watering will cause foliage to yellow and the plants will eventually die.

Pest and Problems:

Greenfly and other aphids attack both young and established plants. Petunias are often attacked by grey mould.

Growth habit:

It is a fast growing plant. It takes about three months from seedling to flowering.


Fertilizing should be done once a month. Over fertilizing will result in an abundance of foliage with few flowers.


Pinch out the growing tips when they reach a height of 3-4 inches to encourage bushy growth. Once the first flowering has taken place, pinch off the dead flowers and the stem to encourage more blooming.


The plant is grown from seeds.

Special Care:

Petunias thrive in well-drained and fertile soil.

Landscaping Use:

It is an excellent border plant. It can also be used as bedding plants. It brings about a sea of change to the garden during the winter, when it is in bloom. Distance of planting should be 12" CC.

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