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Plant Care Guide >> Ground Covers >> Pilea cadierei
These plants are wonderful additions to the house plant collection, largely because of their unusualfoliage colours and textural qualities. They provide interest and contrast well with other green plants. Another plant which is pretty and easy to take care of. The Aluminium Plant can be grown in shallow pots at home.
Common name:

Aluminum Plant, Friendship plant

Botanical Name:

Pilea cadierei




It has glossy green leaves are oval with pointed leaf tips and have striking patches of silver on the upper raised leaf surface.


Small white flowers are produced at the ends of the stems in the summer but they are mostly overshadowed by the conspicuous foliage.


The plant grows well in bright semi-shaded locations. Avoid direct sunlight at all times.


Pilea likes warm temperature.


Use a mixture of equal parts of a general-purpose house plant potting soil, peat moss or leaf mold and perlite.


The aluminum plant requires a lot of moisture.


Water sparingly, making the entire potting mixture barely moist but never letting the mixture get too wet. Let the top two-third of it dry out between waterings

Pest and Problems:

Mites can spoil the foliage in hot, dry weather. Locate in the full shade to prevent this.

Growth habit:

A small compact, upright plant growing to 12" tall. It is a fast growing plant.


Feed at 2-month intervals with regular houseplant fertilizer diluted 1/2 strength recommended on the label, but wait 3-4 months before feeding newly purchased or potted plants to avoid burning the roots.


Pilea becomes leggy and unattractive with age. It is better to nip out over long shoots and balance growth and encourage dense growth.


Propagation is done from tip cuttings.

Special Care:

No special care is required for the plant. It tolerates wide range of conditions. Good for beginners.

Landscaping Utility:

Pilea forms a thick ground cover in a fully shaded location. The distance of planting should be 9 inches c/c.


Ground Cover, Window sill, potted plant, terraniums

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