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Plant Care Guide >> Ground Covers >> Setcreasea pallida / Setcreasea purpurea
This plants is grown for its striking purple foliage. It can be used as a hanging basket plant. It also cascades nicely over retaining walls and does well in a hanging basket. This sprawling evergreen groundcover produces deep purple foliage and stems when grown in full sun . It is a great plant for low maintenance areas. Setcreasea is attractive growing either singly in a 3-4 inch pot or grouped together in a larger pot.
Common name:

Purple Heart, Setcreasea, Wandering jew

Botanical Name:

Setcreasea pallida, Setcreasea purpurea




It has alternate fleshy leaves that are lancelolate and form a sheath around the stem; leaves are trough-shaped and a dark purple color.


The flowers are inconspicuous, three-petalled, pale pink, one-inch flowers are produced from the tips of stems. The flowers last only one morning.


The plant prefers partial shade to full sun. The plant will turn dark green if subject to poor light.


It prefers average warmth.


The plant needs well drained soil.


The plant requires moderate humidity.


Water the plant thoroughly after allowing the top half inch of the soil to dry out before watering again.

Pest and Problems:

The plant is not known to be infested by pests. Mites and chewing insects may occasionally cause injury.

Growth habit:

It is an invasive, fast growing plant, growing to about a foot tall.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer every month to all well-established plants.


Pruning is required to keep the growth in check.


Propagation is done through stem cuttings.

Special Care:

Setcreasea is a very delicate plant. Therefore it should be handled as little as possible. This is because the leaves become slightly glossy and much less attractive if the thin, delicate bloom is rubbed off.

Landscaping Utility:

It is generally used a ground cover, in mass plantings, in rockeries or underneath plants that provide at least filtered shade. The plant provides some incredible color combinations in the garden. The distance of planting should be 9in. cc.


Ground cover, hanging basket, potted plant

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