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Plant Care Guide >> Indoor Plants >> Pleomele reflexa 'variegated' (Song of India)
Song of India is a carefree houseplant with a robust and tropical appearance. It is widely used for both home and office plantings. Upright and bushy, this loosely tufted, self-branching plant is a stylish addition to any interior environment.
Common name: Song of India
Botanical Name: Pleomele reflexa 'variegated'
Family: Liliaceae

The colour of the leaf itself makes the plant a lovely one. It has the ability to retain all its leaves right from the base to its growing point.

Flowers: None

It can be kept both in shade as well as in the sun.  The glow of the leaves however tends to fade in shade, where as it stands out in the sun. The foliage will stay dense till the base if the plant is kept in sufficient light.


Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Pest and Problems:

Song of India has few pest problems. It occasionally gets attacked by mealybugs and scales. Sudden change in light can cause leaves to drop.


Stem Cuttings or air layering

Landscaping Use:

It can be used as an ornamental hedge, as an accent plant and can also be mixed in the shrubbery.

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