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Plant Care Guide >> Ground Covers >> Syngonium podophyllum
Syngonium is an easy care plant & is a good climber if given support. This is an attractive plant which does very well indoors. It can also be planted in a hanging basket. This is one of the plants which has been identified by NASA that helps clean the surrounding atmosphere.
Common name:


Botanical Name:

Syngonium podophyllum




Leaves of the syngonium are leathery and glossy, with sheathed stalks that tend to be equal in length to the leaves. Syngonium has heart-shaped leaves with silver-white orgreen centers.


No flowers


Does best in bright filtered light. It should never be subjected to direct sunlight.


Does best in temperatures between 12 - 28C.


Requires high humidity. Humidity can be increased by standing pots on trays of moist pebbles.


Keep the soil moist during the growing period. . Allow the the plant to dry out slightly between waterings in winter.

Pest and Problems:

Aphids, scale, mealybugs and spidermites can be a problem if plants are grown without adequate humidity.

Growth habit:

It is a fast and compact growing plant. This rapidly-growing evergreen vine produces a multitude of variegated, bright green, arrow-shaped leaves on climbingand trailing stems.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks to active growing plants.


Pinch the plant back occasionally.


Propagation is done from tip cuttings.

Special Care:

Clean the leaves every fortnight to free them from dust accumulation. It would also help a lot to mist the plant as often as possible - maybe daily. If you're growing them in a pot, it's a good idea to put a moss stick in for support.

Landscaping Use:

Is generally used as a ground cover. The distance of planting should be 9" cc.

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