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Plant Care Guide >> Outdoor Shrubs >> Tabernaemontana corymbosa variegata
Tagar is a beautiful plant which has snow-white flowers throughout the year. It is a very hardy plant and grows in full sun. It can be trimmed to give a desired shape. The leaves are glossy ashy grey. This plant's best feature is its delightful fragrance.
Common name:

Tagar, Chandini

Botanical Name:

Tabernaemontana corymbosa variegata




The leaves are glossy ashy grey. Can be trimmed to give a desired shape.


Snow-white flowers throughout the year with lot of fragrance.


It requires a minimum of four hours of sunlight a day.


The plant can grow in any type of soil.


The plant requires water during the dry period.


The plant requires regular to abundant watering. However do not let the water to stagnate.

Pest and Problems:

The plant is susceptible to infection by scales.

Growth habit:

The plant has a fast growth rate and can grow to about 6 feet.


Apply standard liquid fertilizer.


Pruning is necessary to keep the growth in check. To give shape to the plant and to produce vigorous branching.


Propagation is done by seeds, air layering and stem cuttings.

Special Care:

No special care is require for the plant.

Landscaping Use:

Tagar can be use in a landscape in the form of a hedge. It can also be grown as a tall shrub.

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