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Plant Care Guide >> Creepers & Climbers >> Thunbergia grandiflora
Thunbergia is an easy to care for plant that can quickly cover a fence or pergola. The gorgeously showy flowers and lush foliage make this a choice addition to any garden. It is one of the most free flowering vines. The most commonly seen varieties are sky blue to light violet although there is a white flowering type as well. Sky Flower has a very rampant growth habit and is great for the quick covering of arbors, trellises and fences. It can be successfully used as a screen or container plant and is marvelous cascading over a wall.
Common name:

Bengal Clock Vine, Bengal Trumpet Vine, Blue Sky Flower, Blue Sky Vine, Blue Thunbergia, Blue Trumpet Vine, Indian Sky Flower

Botanical Name:

Thunbergia grandiflora




Leaves are leathery and have a distinctive, elongated heart shape.


The beautiful 3 inch wide pale blue flowers are cup-like with pale yellow to cream blue striped centers. The bloom all the year round.


The plant loves full sun or afternoon shade.


Thunbergia favours quite rich, organic soil.


The plants needs abundant moisture.


Allow the media to dry moderately between waterings. To prevent leaf burn, do not allow the planting media to dry completely or the plant to wilt repeatedly.

Pest and Problems:

Spider mites and whiteflies are potential pests of the plant.

Growth habit:

The plant grows fast in warm weather, easily covering a trellis or large section of fence in one season.


Fertilize with a well balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half the recommended strength on the label.


It may need to be cut back often to control direction or size. Trimming also encourages the plant to grow vigorously and helps to promote more blooms.


Very easy to propagate from cuttings and seeds.

Special Care:

Remove the dead flowers occasionally to increase the flowering season.

Landscaping Use:

The plant is generally used as a creeper that can reach to the top of large structure or even cover a good sized tree. It looks majestic trained across a roof. It is good for covering trellis, fences and pergolas.

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