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Plant Care Guide >> Ground Covers >> Wedelia trilobata
Wedelia is a very attractive plant because of its nearly constant and prolific blooming. It is fairly salt resistant and grows well at the seashore. Wedelia is a soil creeper and forms a thick carpet. It is especially good for soil retention and erosion control. The plant can also be used in hanging baskets. It may be bestused as a container plant where it will cascade over the side forming a weeping mound of yellow flowers.
Common name:

Wedelia, Yellow dots

Botanical Name:

Wedelia trilobata




The plant has fleshy leaves. The leaves are 5 inches long and 3 lobed at the apex.


It has bright yellow flowers that almost flowers throughout the year. It blossoms profusely.


The plant prefers full sunlight.


The plant likes the tropical heat.


Although the plant requires well-drained fertile soil, it can grow in poor soil as well.


Requires high humidity.


The soil should be kept moist at all times but not soggy.

Pest and Problems:

Though relatively sturdy, wedelia can occasionally be infected with chewing insects and mites.

Growth habit:

The plant grows up to 10 inch tall, spreading like a mat; it makes a dense cover, if allowed. It roots at the nods thus making propagation very easy. The stems grow up to 6ft. long.


Since ground cover plants grow in close competition for nutrients, they should be fertilized regularly with standard liquid fertilizer.


It needs to be pruned to keep the growth in check. It may be mowed to keep low and manicured.


The plant is very easy to propagate through stem cuttings.

Special Care:

It breaks easily and should be kept away of foot traffic.

Landscaping Utility:

The plant is used as a ground cover. As the plant grows fast the distance of planting could be 1ft. cc.


Ground cover, hanging basket, container plant

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